We are a high-end remodeling company who has been providing quality services to homeowners in the Northern Virginia area for more than 25 years. Our landscape design and remodeling company strives to infuse each and every project with luxury, class, and timeless beauty.


Bob took our drab, aged kitchen and opened it up with an award winning design! He entered our kitchen won the regional contractor of the year award for kitchens. A true pleasure to work with, top quality work and reliable crews. This is definitely the heart of our house. Thanks Bob!

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Who We Are

Your One-Stop Design & Build Firm

We are a high-end remodeling company who has been providing quality services to homeowners in the Northern Virginia area for more than 25 years.

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Our Proven Process

Our Fine Remodeling Process

At Berriz Design Build, we’re happy to say that we are not like other remodelers. Since we started our business in 1994, we have strived to distinguish ourselves from our competitors with exceptional customer service, a nearly unlimited range of product options, and, above all, absolutely outstanding design and construction.

How do we achieve this? By following a simple, yet indispensable process on every project. The process includes concepts like:

Shared Vision

Berriz Design Build is among the first to bring designers, architects, builders, and subcontractors together under one roof as a unified team. Our design-build professionals work side-by-side to provide the convenience and confidence that only collaboration, shared vision and leveraged resources can ensure.

Single Source

The previous model of homeowners managing a rolodex of designers, architects, specialty contractors, and product vendors is outdated and inefficient. Conflict and miscommunication are common byproducts of a poorly-managed process. Berriz Design Build is a one-stop, single-source contact for all your exterior and interior home design needs.

Our integrated team remains on board from first draft and design concept through final construction and clean up. We provide a single point of contact. This way, we’re able to deliver award-winning design, old world craftsmanship and a consistent, top-quality process and result.

Comfort First

At Berriz Design Build, we want you to feel stress-free and at ease throughout the remodeling process. We encourage your involvement at each step, and we invite you to observe the team at work. We provide early, accurate estimation that minimizes surprises. We strive to build a strong, productive relationship with you as we work together in your home. As you can see, our fine remodeling process puts you, as the client, first—always.

The Art Behind the Process

Of course, remodeling is more than just blueprints and drywall. While our process acts as a framework, we treat every project, as well as every client and home, according to its unique attributes and needs.

Cookie-cutter design is not our style! Our collaborations with clients have led to one-of-a-kind kitchens, lavish wine cellars, spectacular finished basements, enchanted landscapingincredible custom homes, and more. For a more detailed look at our procedures, please see our remodeling process diagram.

Choosing a Remodeler: It’s a Momentous Decision!

We know that choosing from the wide array of Northern Virginia remodelers can be a difficult process. We encourage you to ask as many questions as you want, and get as much detail as you need, when you’re consulting a remodeler. At Berriz, we welcome inquiries and questions as we go through the consultation and estimate process. Knowing exactly what your needs are helps us serve you better!

When you choose Berriz Design Build, we’ll do everything we can to make you a customer for life. We’re very proud of our track record in this endeavor—just take a look at some of our glowing client testimonials! If you are looking for a quality remodeling contractor in the Northern Virginia area, take a look at the services we offer, then please call us at 703.552.7565 or complete our online request form.

Our Company

Making the Most of Your Remodeling Budget

  • Company Values

    Values drive everything we do at Berriz Design. We have a commitment to a collaborative, growth-oriented work environment, ongoing appreciation for our coworkers, and honest consideration for our clients.

  • A Commitment to Respect

    We show respect and consideration to people of all ages, races, genders, and creeds. We find that something wonderful happens where we nurture care and respect with our team; they pass along that respect to our clients.

  • We Listen to You

    The first step in our process is a discussion with you. We take the time to learn not only about what you want, but also how you use your home currently, which means we can design and build a space that exceeds your dreams.

  • We're Family

    The staff at Berriz Design is encouraged to learn from one another, grow together, and stay for the long haul. We are a family. We do most of our hiring from within or through referrals, because we’ve found that good, honest, happy people know others who are just like them!

Dreams and budgets don’t always match. Developing a wish list within your means can be the most challenging part of the creative process. At Berriz Design Build, we are experts at working with budgets of all sizes and coming up with alternatives and re-directions that make the most of your investment and your home’s potential. Our job is to provide the sort of guidance and creativity that maximizes the impact of your budget without misunderstandings or unnecessary hassle.

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  • Our Design Philosophy

    Berriz Design Build aspires to raise your standard of living through elegant styling, one-of-a-kind touches, exquisite details, and unparalleled craftsmanship.
    Our Northern Virginia landscape design and remodeling company wants you to feel confident and clear about the vision you wish to achieve—and about the home you’d like to share with friends and family. Read more about our design philosophy in our Founder's Letter.

  • Quality Design: the Foundation of a Successful Remodeling Project

    When you build an addition to your home or renovate an area, you want it to blend seamlessly with your existing home, while elevating the entire space to a new level of style, spaciousness, and comfort. To achieve this, you must start with flawless design. It’s our goal at Berriz Design to create this strong foundation and then build upon it—literally—with outstanding workmanship and attention to detail.

Our Company

A Letter From Our Founder

Greetings! My name is Bob Berriz. As founder of Berriz Design Build, I bring the Havana tradition of fine taste to Northern Virginia homes.

My family moved from Spain to Cuba in the 1920s, then relocated to the United States after the revolution. My family came to this country not knowing how to read or write English. Within five years, we were successfully supporting their families.

Other members of my entrepreneurial lineage and I were featured in “It Runs in the Family” — a feature in the September 25, 2006 issue of BusinessWeek magazine.

Let me say straight away that it’s absolutely possible to get things completed properly the first time — without hidden charges and frustration. Regardless of the complexity of the work, we always follow a proven, cost-saving process — with detailed planning and old world craftsmanship as cornerstones of our success.

Our Northern Virginia landscape design and remodeling company will help you avoid the mistakes that can otherwise plague a remodeling or landscape project. Thank you for your time and attention today. We look forward to answering your questions and advancing the ball forward.

Sincerely, Bob Berriz, Director Berriz Design

P.S. Don’t forget to ask me about our 2-Year Warranty on Labor AND Installation. It’s two times longer than the industry standard.


Design Time

Timeless Design For Your Northern Virginia Home

When redesigning your Northern Virginia home, it’s easy to fall into the trap of choosing a flavor-of-the-month design trend. Your design should aim to be timeless to maintain a high level of comfort and style while adding to the value of your home.

As your landscape design and remodeling company, we strive to integrate a multi-faceted design plan to help your home become more beautiful, comfortable, and stylish for not just the next decade, but for many decades down the road. To learn more about our home remodeling process, contact Berriz Design Build today.

Our Timeless Design Process:

Older homes are often out of sync with today’s sensibilities, and often lack the energy and functional aesthetics that more modern design affords. But by selecting Berriz Design Build for your home, we can breathe rejuvenating life into a matured home—all while maintaining the architectural integrity of the original dwelling.

Berriz Design is among the first to bring designers, architects, builders, and subcontractors together under one roof as a unified team. Our design build professionals work side-by-side to provide the convenience and confidence that only collaboration, shared vision, and leveraged resources can ensure.

We assemble a fully integrated team that stays together from first draft and design concept through the final construction day clean-up.

Along with this, we offer a single point of contact in order to minimize confusion and miscommunication. With these separate branches of the process working together, we are able to deliver award-winning design, craftsmanship, and a predictable, consistent result.

View Our Timeless Designs:

Take a look at our Portfolio to see the results of our unique approach to design. As a Berriz Design client, we encourage your involvement at each step, and invite you to observe the team at work, because we want you to feel stress-free and at ease throughout the entire remodeling process. Being able to build a strong and productive relationship with you as we work together on your home is part of why we love what we do.

Why BErriz Design?

Choosing the Right Northern Virginia Remodeler

At Berriz Design Build, we know how important it is that the client and home remodeler are well matched. Our Northern Virginia landscape design and remodeling company suits individuals and families who are interested in quality first, closely followed by personalized service.

We aim to offer timeless solutions—the kind that will be appreciated for generations to come. We are best equipped to meet the needs of clients who:


Award-Winning Landscape Design & Remodeling Company

Berriz Design Build is proud to be an award-winning landscape design and remodeling company in Northern Virginia.

Why Choose Us

Home Remodeling & Landscape Design Professional

Luxury Interior Remodeling

When you want an exquisite interior with style beyond compare, contact Berriz. We work with you to design and build incredible spaces that enhance your lifestyle. See the full potential of your interior space come to life as we work with you to plan, design, and construct your home renovation.

Award Winning Landscape Design

Our Northern Virginia landscape designs go beyond curb appeal to create striking views from all angles. Full custom detailing and inventive design solutions are our hallmarks. With exterior remodeling and renovation services from Berriz Design, your landscape can be completely transformed into a beautiful expansion of your living space.

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