Finished Basement With Wine Cellar At Lake Manassas In Gainesville

Finished Basement With Wine Cellar at Lake Manassas in Gainesville

We captured exquisite old-world beauty with refined natural stonework in the Gainesville finished basement project. The new finished basement features an enclosed home theater, fully conditioned wine cellar, a large mahogany wet bar, guest bedroom, billiards room and a full bathroom with stackable washer and dryer. The project also features natural stonework walls and breathtaking arches, showcasing the epitome of classic luxury.

Classic Luxury

To achieve this one-of-a-kind layout, we implemented structural modifications to relocate certain support columns and modified the existing ductwork to streamline the ceilings. All mechanical equipment and plumbing was relocated to achieve the seamless design. The floors are made of creamy travertine, a natural stone known for its beauty and durability.

Hydronic Heating System

To keep the basement comfortable during the winter we installed a hydronic heating system, which uses an energy-efficient method of running hot liquid through tubing beneath the floors. The dark wainscoting accentuates the glazed walls and ceilings and adds to the feeling of grandeur.

Natural Stonework

Our favorite feature of this basement is the natural stonework accents and walls. Adding natural stonework to your projects is a wonderful way to add character and texture with little effort. Natural stone has been used as a building material for thousands of years, and its durability and versatility makes it an unmatched material. It’s eternally trendy, and different from brick, tile, or ceramic in that each stone is one of a kind.

Impressive and Inviting

As you can see in this project, natural stone is a great addition to modern interiors, balancing the room with earthy colors and clean lines. Your walls transform from structural necessities to artistic accents. Arches like the ones we used in this Lake Manassas basement are at once impressive and inviting, and separate the space effortlessly.

Rich Mahogany Woodwork

To continue the distinguished luxury brought by the stonework we used a rich mahogany for all the woodwork, including the trim, doors, and wet bar. Hidden behind the mirror of the wet bar is a flat screen TV, perfect for entertaining.

We Outdid Ourselves

The mahogany wine racking in the fully conditioned wine cellar boasts 1,800-bottle capacity and is accentuated by a gorgeous stone fountain that serves as a stunning focal point. We outdid ourselves with the fully enclosed home theater, using stepped seating for unrivaled views and upholstered walls to achieve acoustic perfection.

Basement Design and Remodeling

With custom interior design and remodeling from Berriz Design Build, we’ll give the inside of your home an entirely new feel. Work with our interior design experts to select the perfect fit for your bathroom, kitchen, home theater or a custom wine cellar. At Berriz Design Build, we aim to improve your quality of living in your home. We also complete exterior remodeling, including fountains and waterfalls, in-ground pools, outdoor kitchens, and more!


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