Custom Countertop Cabinetry in McLean, VA


We transformed this previously dull, crowded Mclean kitchen into an open, calming contemporary space. First, we opened up the space and obtained a seamless ceiling by removing the wall separating the living room from the kitchen and removing the header beam. Then we executed a contemporary design that delivered space, convenience, and simplicity in a clean, polished package.

Japanese Influences

The clean simplicity and sleek lines of this kitchen are a nod to Zen design concepts. We designed custom, frameless cabinets in a soft wood finish with slab doors and drawers and integrated appliances to give the kitchen a seamless look. On the island, we added a sleek waterfall countertop to ground the space and produce a laid-back environment that welcomes family and friends to gather.

Zen Lighting & Neutral Tones

An integrated lighting system enhances the serene vibe of this kitchen. We used interior cabinet lights, pendant lights, under-cabinet lights, and new recessed lights to brighten the space and provide soothing, ambient lighting. For the color scheme, we used earth tones and neutral finishes on the walls, floors, and backsplash to tie the space together and create a relaxed atmosphere.

Complete Kitchen Remodeling

With custom kitchen design and remodeling from Berriz Design Build, we’ll give your kitchen an entirely new feel. Work with our experts to select the perfect fit for your bathroom, kitchen, home theater or a custom wine cellar. At Berriz Design Build, we aim to improve your quality of living in your home. We also complete exterior remodeling, including fountains and waterfalls, in-ground pools, outdoor kitchens, and more!


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